The Lascom Company

Lascom develops innovative laser processes and machines for glass processing. Our main business areas are

  • Machines for the production of heatable glass
  • Machines for cutting hollow glass

Lascom laser machines guarantee highest precision as well as fast and environmentally friendly processes - at significantly reduced costs compared to conventional processing methods. Increase the quality and effectiveness of your production and expand your possibilities in glass processing.

Many leading companies in the glass processing industry from Finland, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Austria and the Czech Republic have already chosen Lascom: You too can benefit from the advantages of laser processing!

Our business areas

The manufacture of laser systems for the production of heatable glass is our core business. Lascom machines remove electrically conductive coatings and apply bus bars to realise a previously calculated heating power or temperature for any glass shape.

Our machines are optionally supplied with specially developed software (L-Heatware) to control the glass processing. The powerful software calculates the layout of the electrically insulating parting lines to be created with the laser, the so-called "cutoffs" as well as the busbars on the electrically conductive coating, in order to achieve the desired parameters for the glass to be produced. Example: reducing the temperature difference between the coldest and hottest parts of a glass pane or increasing the temperature at certain points, e.g. for faster de-icing.

Another important Lascom business area is laser cutting of hollow glass. By cutting off the cap of blown drinking glasses, the laser process can reduce rejects by up to 90% compared to the conventional cutting process. At the same time, subsequent production steps are simplified or even no longer necessary due to the high quality of the laser cut.

Our roots

Lascom Laser GmbH was founded in 2018 with the aim of developing and distributing innovative laser processes and machines for glass processing within the Group.

Starting from the headquarters in Linz, Austria, Lascom Laser GmbH successfully coordinates the international sales and service of the systems from the group's own production companies cericom GmbH and Pelcom Machinebuilding Plant Ltd.

Today, Lascom machines are successfully in use at many locations worldwide.

What makes Lascom so superior?

Our most important unique selling point is the synergy effects from scientific research and the practical integration of the technologies we develop. The collaboration of young researchers, engineers and service specialists in one team enables our customers to access modern technologies and realise ideas that previously seemed impossible, such as the production of glass products whose parameters exceed those of conventional products.

Our mission statement

Reliability, know-how, efficiency and above-average commitment are the basis for a satisfied customer – for us, the only relevant benchmark of our work. With worldwide contacts, we place the highest value on comprehensive service throughout the entire life cycle, starting with the right comprehensive product advice, installation and integration into existing systems, training, worldwide technical support and readily available spare parts.

Service, advice, training and assistance

Contact customer service:

General enquiries and emergency hotline: +43 732 29 60 80

Technical Service

Lascom products are reliable and virtually maintenance-free.

If you have technical questions or problems, you are welcome to use our worldwide, fast and competent service. Our technical hotline is also there for you on weekends and holidays.

With our efficient remote maintenance system, we detect possible faults online and can also rectify them directly in many cases.

In this way, we guarantee our customers minimum downtimes and maximum machine availability.

Advice from 1. hand

Right from the start, we offer you competent, personal advice on all aspects of your business. To this end, we draw on extensive experience in supporting our customers, who are active in a wide range of markets worldwide.

With our professional support, you will be successful from day one.

Training and assistance

We train you and your employees individually and intensively: either with us or on your premises – just as you wish.

And if you need support later: No problem, our staff will be happy to come to you.