L-professional TLC | Thermal Laser Cutting

The L-professional TLC laser system has been developed for cutting off the top balloon in the manufacturing process of hollow glasses (e.g. drinking glasses, bottles).

The TLC system is usually placed at the mechanical cutting section after the blowing or pressing machine and eliminates the need to process the workpieces with the traditional cutting wheel.

The TLC process can be installed as a stand-alone version (L-professional TLC) or as a module that can be retrofitted to the production line (L-module TLC). It is non-contact and highly precise and also offers other advantages compared to the traditional cutting process, such as

  • a high cut quality - a reduction in rejects of up to 90%
  • no mechanical damage to the glass
  • an optically perfect and almost stress-free cut edge
  • minimal maintenance
  • no water and gas consumption
  • no glass splinters
  • no cutting wheel replacement
  • only minimal regrinding of the edge

L-professional TLC

The output of the TLC system depends on the number of lasers installed and can be increased from around16 glasses/min with only one laser to 75 glasses/min with three lasers working simultaneously.

Experience has shown that the Lascom TLC system is easy to integrate mechanically and in terms of control technology as a stand-alone variant or as a module in an existing production line.

In coordination with the customer and, if necessary, with an already existing production, the TLC system can be adapted accordingly.

Machine details

Provides the necessary protection and ventilation for the optical and positioning systems.

Protects the laser installed in the module from external influences.

Provides the necessary focusing of the laser beam. Provides the necessary protection against dust entering the beam path.

Allows the lens to move in two axes, which is important when cutting the workpieces or when adjusting the module for processing different types of glass.

Machining glass surfaces


Number of lasers



MLC-1/1615-16 pcs/min
MLC-2/5045-50 pcs/min
MLC-3/7570-75 pcs/min
Laser class4
Operating voltage3/N/PE-50Hz 380V