L-matrix COMBO | Combined Machine

Our "COMBO" is a combined system for the production of electrically heated glass consisting of a table with a special cover, a bridge with a fixed scanner system, an LDC laser, and a bridge with the gas-dynamic spray system GDS.

Laser decoating and application of power busbars can be performed on one machine.

GDS bridge
The L-matrix GDS flatbed machine places a resilient electrical conductor - a so-called busbar onto the glass, enabling very effectively the connectivity of low and very high electrical currents between the metallic coating and the power supply.

LDC bridge
The L-matrix LDC removes transparently thin conductive layers (e.g. low-E layers) from the glass at speeds up to 360 mm²/s in order to create assessed conductive areas of any width and shape for heating.

The table is equipped with an air-cushion system and sliding stops for glass positioning. All functions are controlled via a terminal.

L-matrix COMBO | A strong Duo

The L-matrix COMBO consists of:

  • Combination table with 2 bridges
  • Software
  • Computer terminal for control


The L-matrix COMBO is a space-saving alternative that combines the processes of two machines in one smaller system.

Machine details

At the heart is a laser that creates separation gaps in conductive layers present on the glass surface. The typical expected lifetime of the laser is up to 50,000 operating hours. The speed of the layer removal is up to 360 mm²/s.


3 motors move the laser in the X, Y and Z coordinates. The motors provide the machining accuracy of 300 microns (0.3 mm) and it is this value that determines the accuracy of the overall system. Should a glass pane of 6 m length be processed (the so-called "jumbo" size), the maximum possible error in positioning will not exceed 300 microns.


The work surface guarantees that the glass is not damaged and is resistant to laser radiation for a long time if the service and maintenance plan is followed. The work surface is equipped with an air cushion that serves as both a transport clamp and a suction clamp during positioning or loading/unloading. The air cushion is used for easy transport or positioning of the glass, while the suction clamp holds the plate for accurate processing.


Retractable stops for the glass edges precisely align the glass.


A unique and patented spraying system for applying the busbar to the glass. It enables the metal busbars to be applied to the glass at a high speed and with great precision. These busbars do not require any additional processing after application - the wires can be soldered to the busbar immediately.


Production of heatable glasses

Technical Specifications

Installation Parameters

Length3900 mm
Width4300 mm
Overall height1780 mm
Height of worktop surface950 mm

Glass Properties

Minimum pane size500 x 500 mm
Maximum pane size2500 x 3210 mm
Thickness3 - 19 mm

Laser Properties

TypeYtterbium - YAG
Wavelength1064 nm
Average transmission power100 W
Scanning Head processing area170 x 170 mm
Typical processing speed130 bis 360 mm²/s